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When I picked up Women of the Way, Embracing the Camino, I expected a nice little travel log with a couple of descriptions here and there, and maybe a picture or two. That is not to say I expected anything bad of the book (quite opposite, actually). Honestly, I do not usually read travel memoires.

To be honest, reviewing for StreetWraith Press and Bay Side Stories has seen the most memoires that I have ever read. I am even picking up tips for that eventuality when I will write my own.

Writers learn a lot from reading. I highly recommend it.

Still, I expected good things within the pages. In addition to descriptions of the physical journey, I also expected some introspection and sharing of ideas and epiphanies. Jane is a friend of the site (disclosure time – by the way, she is the same Jane Blanchard you will find under The Network links to the left) and I find her blog to be interesting and informative.

What I did not expect was to ask a question.

Good books will often get me dwelling on them, long after I put down the book at the end of a chapter, but few of them prompt me to ask questions. Women of the Way sits among a rare few.



Calling All Patrons

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

Welcome to StreetWraith Press. Further down the page, you will find reviews of recent movies and self published books. You will also find the link to our podcast, Bay Side Stories.

Now you may notice that there has been a bit of a lapse in the site. That is because with the demands of the rest of life, we have not had the time to devote to the website and the promotion of self published works.

We are trying to change that, and we need your help to do it.

How can you help?

Simple. Become a patron. By supporting us with any amount, you can help us to bring this site to life and bring attention to the literary value of self published works. Because it is there. Just look at our past reviews. They prove it.

As we gain patrons, we will also gain the freedom to dedicate more time to the site, adding more content, catching up on books that have been submitted to us, and eventually opening our doors (emails) to new books to be submitted.

So please, take a moment to become a patron.


By visiting our site on Patreon: StreetWraith Press. This patronage is on going. You can set what amount you want to give to support us each month. And by doing so, you will be helping us provide new, interesting content. You will also be guaranteeing self published authors a free, independent place to evaluate and promote their work.

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So please, take a moment to support this site and help make it great.