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Something I find interesting about the Internet. Back in the day – and probably still – we run from people who ask if we want to take a survey. On the Internet we flock to them. It doesn’t matter if it is our favorite game asking about content we might want to see (who chooses anthropomorphic pandas, by the way?), something offering us the chance to win $5000, or quizzes (when did we start loving a pop quiz?) with random questions meant to match us to a character to determine who we are. Online, we love surveys.

Sometimes, these surveys, or quizzes if you prefer, work out pretty well. We answer the questions and we get a favorite character. Maybe we think of ourselves as a Ginny Weasley and discover we are secretly a Bellatrix Lestrange. Maybe our outer Joffrey hides an inner Eddard Stark. When we read books or watch television shows that appeal to us, we tend to internalize certain characters and identify with them. When a quiz confirms that, we feel our own self-image is bolstered. When an alternate is presented, sometimes it gives us a moment of introspection.

But mostly, we just comment about it online, bemoaning or sympathizing with each other.

Harry Potter Quiz



Today, I’m going to be talking about Game of Thrones.

The book, not the series. Well, that’s not entirely true. I am going to talk about the first episode a little bit because that’s the only one I have seen so far. And don’t act surprised by that. I’m just now talking about the books.

So, I was not ever going to read the series. At first, it just kind of passed over me. Then multiple books were already out and a whole season of the show was done. But then, well, the memes kept piling up and were amusing. I knew several people who had read and enjoyed the books, and enjoyed the series. So I was finally like “why not pick up the first book and read.”

And read.

And read.

No, that’s not why there has not been as much Self-Published stuff on the site. More Indie Reviews are coming. No worries.

Having finished the first book, I wanted to talk about it a little bit. It’s out there, people enjoy it, and between it and the show, it leaves a lot to discuss. It has become, whether we like it or not, a pop-culture fixture, therefore something we should look at here. It is also something that we may draw comparisons and parallels to at some point. For the few of you like me who have not started or are just starting the series, however …