About StreetWraith Press

Streetwraith Press (formerly StreetWraith.Net) is a meeting place of self-published works and readers. They greet each other, talk, and get to know each other a little better.

We explore the literary aspects of self-published works. What does that mean? That means that we get into the work, beneath the story that is being told, to see what the work is about. What was the author thinking? What is the significance of telling the story in these times? What archetypes are being used and what do they mean? How is the tale structured and what would Aristotle say about that?

We’re not very concerned about whether or not we like a story. We may talk about that from time to time, but that isn’t what we’re here for. Like and dislike is an opinion based on an emotional reaction to a story. That reaction is important to the reader, true, but it is a surface reaction. You may hate a story but you cannot deny that there is something significant happening within it. So, we’re not concerned about that emotional reaction. We’re concerned with the cerebral reaction.

Yes. We’re book reviews for nerds.

And that is okay. It is okay because as we fast approach the Singularity, nerds increasingly rule the world. And as we become more integrated with our technology devices, our phones, or e-readers, our comptuers, we become a little more “nerd” ourselves. So embrace the nerd in you and read a little deeper into the stories.

Most importantly to us, read deeper into the stories we present here. Read into them and discuss them with us. You can join the conversation on Facebook & Google+ or in our Linkedin group .

And enjoy.

Who are we?
Nick Perretta – Streetwraith
Lynn Perretta – Chief Unpaid Intern
Jacob Barrens – Lesser Unpaid Intern (we refer to him as Carl)

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