Be a Contributor

Are you a writer or blogger, looking for a place to share your work? Do you have interest in independent books, movies, and pop-culture in general?

StreetWraith Press would love to feature your work.

What do you get?
– Additional exposure as a writer by contributing
– Link-back in your article to your website and, if applicable, your own published works
– The joy of writing and helping out other independent authors

What do you need to do?

Contact us. When you do, please indicate what you want to review or discuss.

  • Independent book or short-story – this can be a story you have read already/plan to read and want to talk about or you can request from us a title to read and review*
  • Any current or old movie
  • Any Discount Bin movie – $5 or less or as part of a bundle where the bundle price puts each included title at a price of $5 or less (example a DVD set of 6 movies that sells for $12)
  • Internet memes that relate to publishing or movies
  • A common trope that you find in movies, books, or television

Please provide a short sample (does not have to be what you want to submit) or a link to a website/blog that features your work

Your responsibilities?

  • As a contributing writer, respond in a timely fashion, both to responses about your submission query and with the finished article
  • If we contact you for any revisions, please complete them and resubmit the article in a timely fashion

And now a few legal things.
Being a contributing writer to StreetWraith Press is voluntary. StreetWraith Press does not offer financial compensation to contributing authors at this time. Except as noted below(*), you retain the full publishing rights to the article that you submit. By contributing an article, you provide StreetWraith Press with First Publishing Rights (ie, you cannot have published the article anywhere else, even on your own blog prior to submitting it to us, but once we publish it, you can publish it again elsewhere) and you agree that if you republish the work you will indicate that you originally published it with StreetWraith Press and link back to the original article.

*Reviewing Work that StreetWraith Press Provides You
If StreetWraith Press provides you a story to review, you do not retain publishing rights to the article. Once it is submitted, the article can only be published through StreetWraith Press. You are free to quote the article and link back to it anywhere you wish, but the entirety of the article or any amount of the article that would go beyond “Free Use” cannot be reproduced elsewhere. This is because the authors of these stories submitted them to us for reviews ONLY on StreetWraith Press. Since we do not have the authority to post those reviews elsewhere, we cannot grant that to the authors who volunteer to write the reviews of those works. You may otherwise discuss the works as you see fit, provided the discussion does not constitute a republishing or rewriting of your review here (in other words, you can’t write up the review changing the wording a little, and publish it somewhere else).

You are not to contact the author and ask for compensation for your review or any other discussion you make of the work. You are also not to use the review of the author’s work to promote yourself for other services to the author.

StreetWraith Press will not share the contact information for any author who submitted a story for review to anyone, so do not ask.

StreetWraith Press will not share contact information (except link backs to websites or blogs) of any author who contributes articles to our site, so do not ask.


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