Submission Guidelines

At this time, StreetWraith Press is closed to further submissions for review. Sorry. We’ve got a huge back-log we’re still working on from our launch in February. That said, those who submitted, we will be talking about your work. I promise. Our goal is to get every work submitted to us written about or discussed by year end. Please bear with us. As noted on our main page, we’ve had some major changes. That said, we’re going to be changing how we select for reviews. We may open the submission process again in the future. In the meantime, if you have questions about your submission, please see below:

The submission process for book reviews is pretty simple. If you’re interested in your story being reviewed email us Please be sure to include Review Submission in the subject line.

You’ll receive an initial reply from Streetwraith Staff to confirm that your email has been received. When we decide if we will give your work a full review or if it will be part of the monthly podcast we will email you and let you know. Please follow any additional instructions in the email, such as providing website addresses. Finally, if your work is receiving a full review we will email you a copy of the review about one week before it is posted on the website.

There are a few things to keep in mind when submitting a work for review:
1. Your work should be your own finished work, ready for publication.
2. It’s okay if your work is already published. We’ll still consider it for review.
3. It must be self-published. We won’t consider work that is published through traditional publishers. We have nothing against traditional publishers. Not at all. This site, however, is to promote and support self-publishing. Also, if you have a formal publishing contract, your publisher will have his or her own avenues for getting your work reviewed, and you could potentially be breaching contract if you submit your work to us.
4. You have to be the author. See #1. We will not work through agents or publicists. We have nothing against them either. We don’t charge authors for reviews and podcasts, so we won’t work with someone who is charging the author to get in contact with us either.
5. We don’t charge you for reviews, so if you’re paying someone to submit work to us, please see #4.
6. We will not give you editorial advice. We won’t be talking about the mechanical aspects of your work. This is a critical review. If we feel the need to talk about poor grammar or story elements (plot, characterization, scene development, etc) then we won’t do the review. We’ll contact you, let you know the story still needs work, and invite you to resubmit it when it’s finished.
7. You can feel free to publish a copy of our review on your own website, however you must link back to the review on our site as well.
8. Don’t keep emailing us about your book. I know that it means a lot to you to get a review, but we are working with limited resources (people) to do reviews and limited time to get new content up. Please be patient and bear with us. If we accepted your submission, we will get to it.


If you would like us to interview you (podcast format) you can submit your request via email to Please include Interview Submission in the subject line. As with review submissions, you’ll receive an email to confirm receipt from Streetwraith Staff and later a response as to whether or not we will be able to interview you. Bear in mind, time constraints and your needs will dictate if we can do interview.

Some guidelines for submitting and interview request:
1. You must be the author we’re to interview. We don’t charge authors for interviews, so we don’t want anyone else charging you to get in contact with us.
2. Let us know if the interview is part of your promotional activity for a new release and the release date.
3. If you haven’t submitted work to us for review, we will request that you do so, but it is not required for us to interview you.
4. If you would like your interview to be in print rather than podcast, let us know. We can do that.
5. If you have something specific you want to talk about (or don’t want to talk about) let us know.
6. You can link to your interview on your own website. If the review is in print form you can copy it to your own site, however youmust link back to our site as well.

  1. janethudgins says:

    When do you anticipate accepting new submissions?

    • LynnPerretta says:

      We don’t know yet. Because things went on hiatus for a while last year, we’re still working through the originals submitted to us. When we’re accepting again, I’ll be posting on FB/etc so that people following us know. 😀

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